Mission & Vision

 we are a registered 501 (c)(3) non - profit organization.

Minor Adjustments: is dedicated to preventing and reducing crimes. our 

primary purpose is to teach men and women how to make the“Minor 

Adjustments” that are necessary for their lives, which will allow them to 

obtain and maintain a productive lifestyle after incarceration and 

or rehabilitation!

Michael "Mickey" Williams,Jr.


Giving people HOPE!

Michael 'Mickey" Williams Jr. was suicidal, homeless and addicted to heroin and crack cocaine in 2009. He also spent time in-and-out of prison since he was a teenager. Now, he is one of the founders of The Minor Adjustments Group and author of 8- books. When he talks to people transitioning from incarceration or rehabilitation, he helps make them understand there is a better life for them. "They believe that just because they committed a crime that they can no longer be successful," Williams said to the panel." 

"They believe that just because they have a criminal history they can no longer live a productive lifestyle. They believe that because they have an addiction they cannot succeed. What we need to do is use people like me who have lived those same lifestyles to show those individuals that they can have hope."

They need to know that their Purpose is Greater than their Struggles, they need to know that they have the heart of a champion, but they must be willing to go Anywhere But Backwards!

Lernell "Apples" Williams

The Minor Adjustments Program